Monday, February 18, 2013

How to apply to an agency- we aren't splitting the atom here.

So how do you apply to an agency? It is really quite simple but it is surprising how many people mess it up. Often the most obvious things trip people up.
First remember that there is a professional business person on the other end of your transmission. If you can't spell or create a capital letter then by all means find someone to assist you. Your letter should start with a "Dear someone". Not Hey, or Hi. (Yes, I have gotten emails with no punctuation, no capitalization and HEY as a salutation.)
Most agencies including ours have a detailed list of what we require for our submissions and even have an on line application so that potential models can easily enter their data. It also lists what we are not looking for ie nude photos and out of state talent- which doesn't mean we don't get those submission. I can't stress enough how important it is to READ all of this information because not all agencies are kind enough to respond to you if you do this incorrectly. We respond to all applicants but some agencies simply lose your application.
When applying to agencies who do not have an application like this make sure you send them exactly what they requested and be considerate of their in box. Size matters so don't muck up an agency's email with 20mb photos. That will earn you no brownie points. Make sure you reduce your photos to a size that is reasonable as it will ensure that not only do they get them but you won't crash their email account.
We also want to know if you look good. If we can't SEE you, how are we know? DO NOT send photos of yourself that obscure your body or face. This seems so simple again, but  if I had a nickel for every sunglassed, ball-capped, mumu wearing model I could have a closet full of Christian Louboutins. To take that further, would you mind showing us your teeth? Most models have pretty nice teeth, not perfect but nice- so show us your pearly whites.
Don't forget contact infomation. This seems truly obvious but one of the reasons we created the form was that probably half of our submissions had photos and no contact information. Another half had no personal stats. Please tell us your height, weight, dress, pant, shoe sizes etc. You aren't applying for a telemarketing job here- you want to model so this info is germane. (and we will eventually know if you weren't being truthful so you might as well be honest here)
Most agencies are looking for new talent and don't want to waste time opening incomplete emails or applications- time is money.  The bottom line is if you want be considered as a professional model then send something akin to a professional submission. So SIMPLE!(and for the record save your duck face for your friends on FB; they may garner OMG's from your BFF's but they just get LOL's and deletes from profession talent agents) Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Great article. It's a good reminder of the proper way to contact a business. Everyone has become very lax in this new world of Twitter, Facebook and Text.
I am guilty of it myself. I think I contacted you with a 'Hi!'.. my apologies.