Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How badly do you want it?

We sometimes hear from models who ask us why they haven't gotten a job yet or in a while. There is no one answer to this question. One possible answer is another question: "How badly do you want it?"

If you really want to get the job(s) there are a few things that you simply must do:
1. You MUST have good, recent professional photos. Period, end of it. Often the person with the best photos wins. It is not about who is the prettiest model, it is about the model with the best photos. The photos that are the most diverse, best styled, best lit etc. Very few people with bad photos work regularly. They also must look like you do RIGHT NOW. If you have changed your look at all you must update your photos. If the photos are old you should also update. My clients look at our web site all the time and they are pretty discriminating and savvy. If they even think your photos might be out of date they will skip over you for new talent. The thought process being: fresh talent, fresh photos. Even if you still look like your photos, a good model updates them.

2. Do you attend auditions? Booking the gig(s) is not about getting an agent and waiting for the phone to ring. You must be proactive. My top bookers are also my most proactive talent. Coincidence? I don't think so. Attending auditions also gets you in FRONT of clients. That is never a bad thing. Even if you don't book every job you got out for, the clients will know you and see your dedication. I have had models book assignments for jobs they didn't even audition for because the client has seen them so many times before and remembered them or already had them on a reel. This type of over exposure is a good thing.

So sitting back and letting your agent do all the work is not really how its done. It should be a partnership. If you have a job change and you are now more available than you previously were, let your agent know. If you think you need new photos, ask your agent. Consult your agent BEFORE you get photos so they can coach you on what kind of photos are appropriate for the area you will be booking. (all locales are not created equal) Every time you get a booking your agent makes money- they want you to get work as much as you do. Every bit of advice they give you is to that end.

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