Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Did you know....

I thought I would take a moment to give a little FYI about AMS
Did you know? Every new AMS Model goes through a free 2 hour orientation/training session with us? AMS is a model management company that makes our money when our models get work by taking a commission. The only fee is an initial 95.00 to cover photo editing for the model's web page, access to our weekly private casting notices and our admin fees. It cost more than 95.00 to process one new model. AMS accepts less than 20% of all applicants because we only take people for whom we think there is work for in the upstate market. We don't make money from talent photos, we don't require portfolios, classes or comp cards (we actually have a template we provide to our models for FREE to bring to auditions!) Professional Modeling in upstate NY is an opportunity to have a little fun and make a little money....you don't have to get dirty and we aren't splitting the atom,..and it shouldn't cost you a mortgage payment to get started. :)
I have blogged and spoken publicly many times about how it shouldn't cost you a lot of money to start modeling. There are things you MUST have- you must have photos. Period, end of discussion. They must be GOOD photos. A terrific head shot is a must and don't skimp out on this. But if it cost you more than 300.00 for a photo package and you MUST buy it with classes or other things then think twice. Always do your due diligence when it comes to spending a lot of money (on anything :) but especially things as nebulous as getting modeling work. No one should be making you promises. All I can ever promise anyone is that I have the clients and I will do my best and that I KNOW the market already and my track record speaks for itself.
When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. If it sounds ridiculous...run.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do you know how to like a professional?

This is actually from our AMS Models Facebook page and I am making a post out of it as it was viewed over 1500 times.
Are you submitting to an agency like a PROFESSIONAL? I am constantly surprised by the way people email us or they FB message us (WRONG!) about wanting to be a model. First- in the 15 years I have been an agent less than 10 people have gone on to be BIG things and I have rep'd 1000's. That is the reality no matter what you have been reading. The best you can hope for here is that you can make some ...cool pocket cash. So if you are going around town or FB bragging and calling yourself a big time model that's like being the tallest guy in a hobbit movie. Get over yourself. It is Upstate NY. Have fun, make a little money, be HUMBLE and be realistic ,
If you wouldn't send the correspondence to a potential employer in that fashion don't send it to us in that fashion. So that means use capital letters. (Yup, stretch that pinky finger over to the shift button), give us your NAME (so we know what to call you), your phone, your address (so we know you aren't submitting from the Ukraine) and current photos. (just so you know, I have been doing this for over 30 years. I know a shot from the 80's when I see one, and please NO SELFIES! Also-If there are bathroom fixtures in your photo you can keep them as well) You should use complete sentences and NO Profanity. (I wish I didn't have to include that last thing and I can't even tell you why I must- its just too unbelievable) FYI- the proper way to submit to this agency unless we ask for direct submissions is to go to our on line app on our web page. Happy submitting!
Additional comment based on a question: They asked how models are supposed to find info when they are lied to....and who trains them?
First this is largely an etiquette issue and transcends this industry. Professionalism is professionalism. ALSO there is a LOT of good info out there and a lot of bad. JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE. Often people want to believe what they want to hear not the truth. Research! There is no substitute. We live in a world of Google and YouTube. ..you should have started when I did! Lol. There is so much info at your fingertips but if you are gathering from non - credible sources you are subjecting yourself to scammers and bad info. I spend1.5 to 2 hours (for free) with every new model I take into AMS MODELS. Knowledge equals power and confidence.
This is also mostly for models vs actors. Acting is a craft and you must train and have a special skill set. ACTORS in my industry bring something extra as the standards are much higher. (I tip my hat to you...)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tips for actors....4 free things you can start doing NOW to improve.

These are some great tips from Cathy Reinking a Casting Director from LA. I thought I would pass them along. She brings up some very important points like the fact that you need to be very comfortable in front of the camera to do well at auditions and like any other job/craft you have to work at it EVERYDAY.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wrinkles don't look good anywhere....

            I have a guest writer for this blog post! Super Fashionista and intern extraordinaire Sydney Wright! I was thrilled to have her work with us for a few months in the office and she took the lead on this article on Model Appearance.
The way a model presents him/herself is a reflection of not only the talent but the agency they represent. A model should look neat and professional whenever they are representing themselves.
It is extremely important that their clothing is clean, pressed, and free of pilling, stains, rips and tears. This means to both auditions and shoots. DO NOT wear any clothing is inappropriate (too short, too revealing etc) outdated or too flashy. The client is looking to advertise a product, not you! Your clothing should not be making the statement- that is your job OR the products job. If you are booked for the job- make sure your clothes aren’t too flamboyant so the viewers are going to become distracted by you.
            An important pointer to remember before leaving for a job is to always iron or steam your clothing beforehand. Wrinkly clothes are never going to help you get hired or rehired for another job. Your clothing is a reflection on YOU. Never wear any pants, dresses, or tops that could possibly wrinkle while in the car on your way to a job. (ie linen, cotton, and khaki) These fabrics should be slipped on at the shoot, not worn to the booking. It may be even wiser to choose to wear a wrinkle-free fabric such as rayon, polyester, or other synthetic materials.
            Never wear an outfit that is outdated unless properly specified by the client! Knit ties, parachute pants, belly shirts, and your Van Halan fan club tee-shirts are not appropriate for 2013. Keep these clothes in the eighties and nineties where they belong! To auditions, dress as if you were going to an interview. Your first impression could score you the job.
            Always remember that as well as dressing appropriate, it is also important to act appropriate. Refer to our last blog post for suitable behavior at auditions as well as on the job. Keep in mind that you are representing your agent as well as yourself. Do your best to make a POSITIVE, lasting impression on the client.  First impressions are lasting impressions- just like your mom always said.

Thank you Sydney for your input on this topic! You have a very bright future!