Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Model Searches...and other scary stories.

Well, I have put this one off for a long time....and guess what? I am going to put it off for a little while longer! I am doing this because I would love to hear some of your experiences with model searches before I launch into my diatribe. Everytime a model search comes to town our phone rings with questions about model searches. I can't tell you how many phone calls I have fielded over the years from concerned mothers whose daughters desperately want to go to these things. Put up your questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.
I will create an official post on this topic as soon as I can (I am behind the eight ball lately) and this one will take a while :-)


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Anonymous said...

My daughter, who is in your agency, did a model search when she was about 3 or 4, she was chosen by 2 agencies, I won't name them, but one was in NYC and one in Canada, they're both legitamate.

We didn't sign with them because they wanted us to move to their cities for the summer and we had 2 children, dog, house, etc., we can't just up and move to NYC/Toronto.

I don't believe we had to pay anything for this, maybe just a couple hundred dollars for photos.

Now, the "casting calls" they do on the radio I tend to think are more of a scam, we went to one of those and if they choose you you have to attend some acting/modeling classes which are expensive, didn't do that either.

My daughter is with AMS, we haven't spent more than a couple hundred on photos and she got that back with her first print ad she got thru AMS.