Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Curb the BIG small talk...

Curb the BIG small talk....
We all know that person- the "one upper", the bragger, the person that no one wants to talk to or listen to because they always have something to brag about. Basically, the person that is the center of the universe? Well, when that person is on someone else's set, what are really doing is sabotaging themselves.
The worst thing that you can do on the set of any type of commercial shoot is constantly brag about yourself (and lets face it folks, in a market this small you need to keep your perspective- it IS Upstate NY.)
Everyone on the set is on the same job and at that point are equal. Whatever got you there is dandy- but let it go. Don't bore your com padres and especially the CLIENT with your life story, your previous work, your last 73 indie films, your high school blue ribbons etc etc. In addition to making yourself seem like a big boastful talking head you could also be accomplishing the following:
A. Freaking out a newer talent who is buying into your braggadocios blustering. (and that just isn't nice)
B. Making yourself look ridiculous (and perhaps even mildly amusing) to seriously experienced talent who are quietly doing their job and counting backwards from 1000 in their head in an attempt to drown you out.
C. Making the client regret hiring you because you are disruptive, lack humility and have only a slight foothold in reality.
Yes, I am being humorous and somewhat hyperbolic but there is a serious lesson here. These comments come from over 30 years of experience in this industry as talent and an agent, as well as conversations with clients (including a really funny one just last night!)
It is truly meant to educate talent on how to behave on set and at auditions. Remember-if you are good- people will know.
"Posers scream, Talent whispers." - Ann Marie Stonecypher

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