Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Model photos!

I am going to start posting some great model pics on this blog from now on (at least I will give it the old college try!) I see so many bad photos its a good thing exposure to them doesn't cause blindness or I would have a seeing eye dog by now.
A good model photo is well lit and shows the models face well looking nice and natural. The rest of the photos should show different poses and expressions. They ALL should be nicely lit (even natural light is nice as below) and they should be appropriate to the market place. In upstate NY we want a variety of shots that show first a great smiling head shot then (for adults) a business shot, a casual shot (ie upscale consumer) and then possibly athletic etc. Those are the basics. In no case to we want overly photo shopped, all sun glassed, hooded, ANGRY, overly accessorized shots that hide YOU. The client needs to see you to hire you. You can't fool an art director with photoshopped/overly accessorized shenanigans.
o that I can show people what good photos look like. I have been getting
Cute Dominic!

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