Thursday, March 19, 2015

Social Media MAYHEM...

I have to post about this topic as I have spent 34 years in this business and social media has REALLY been the blessing and the BAIN of this business. I have a news flash for everyone: Just because you want to be a model doesn't mean you can or should be one. I know that sounds really awful but it is the truth. There are many things that I am not right this minute because I am not good at them. So I found something that I could do and did it. Just because people who don't know the business TOLD you that you should do something and you WANT to do it doesn't mean you can. Just because now you can set up accounts where you can actually collect money to help fund your dream doesn't mean you can still make it come true. 
The reason that so many people don't make it in this business is this business is BRUTAL. Not necessarily here in Upstate NY but in NYC and LA it can be especially tough. Every city has their type- do your homework (and know where the good info comes from). NOTE- if you are 5'6 you will not be a runway model in NYC. (I don't make the news- I just report it) If you want to share a story about ONE girl you heard about upon a time- great....we have all heard that story. It is not the real deal. 
Syracuse and upstate has a look- and it is MUCH easier to model here. Keep it simple- Pretty, healthy, no height requirement. age 5-85. 
If my poor eyes have to behold anymore HORRENDOUS "model" photos on social media I just don't know what I will do. First- if you are already a professional model with an agent stop posting all over social media. Just S.T.O.P. Your agent is putting your photos out there where they need to be seen- they will get you work.That is their job. Ok- if you get a really great new head shot and you want to share- that's fun. :)  If you are NOT a professional model- try to get an agent. That is how you get work. I heard a {not professional}"model" once say she put her photos everywhere so that someone from VOGUE would see them and hire her. I have no words. (and these photos were awful beyond human comprehension)
If you wish to get an agent you get one with GOOD photos- NOT photos of yourself looking ghoulish (to show your "versatility"- um, no) or 90% naked draped over a produce cart (to show your "sexiness, versatility and love of vegetables"- um no, no.) or photos of yourself consistently looking angry. (no one has ever called this agency and asked me for an ANGRY model. No and no.) If a photographer asks you do some of this silliness say NO. Ask them why they want it and what it will do to get you WORK and what kind of work that will be? If he or she looks at you with a blank look you have your answer....

This is real information from someone who knows. Like it or not this is information that you can make money on. The people that work for me DO. 

Thank you for your indulgence. :)

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