Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Somebody's watching you....

I wanted to share an excerpt from an email I sent to all of my talent. It was an email that pertained to proper conduct for an audition...It is something that a lot of people who attend auditions don't think about...

 Whenever you go to an audition you are to behave like a professional from the moment you walk in the door because it is possible that you are being WATCHED. This means even waiting in the outer room before you are in front of the client. Here is an example of why:
This week we were invited to a large audition and one of the clients was paying attention to the talent at an audition...all day...from the MOMENT talent arrived. Yes, that includes those who were complaining and grumbling and then were all smiles for audition- they were busted...and it was noted next to their name.

Complaining and grumbling about having to wait at an audition is not being professional. (and there is a reason that these are called cattle calls :) Some of the talent actually jeopardized their place in the production before they even auditioned. The client had the opportunity to see the talent as they really are. Some may thing this is unfair but hey: If they book you, they have to spend a day with you and both of your personalities. Doesn't sound that unfair to me.

I do teach this to new models when they join but it bears repeating.

Here's another tidbit- when it comes to behavior in the casting room waiting room: Low key is the way to go. The waiting room is no place for peacocking. If someone asks your advice give it privately and quietly. No boasting or bragging. It is a great place to run lines, make the polite and casual acquaintance of other talent, read, listen to music is no place to hold court and try to be the BMOC.
Here are a few more things we have heard from clients here and there that I would like to pass along:
  • Make sure your clothes are clean , CURRENT, pressed and nice looking. Make a great impression as if you are going to a job interview.
Your mom was right- you never get a second chance to make a first impression...

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