Friday, September 08, 2006

Model Behavior

There is a code of conduct for all industries and the modeling industry is no different. Unfortunately a lot is made of a few successful models' less than "model behavior".
Let me tell you that THIS agent has a definite opinion on how a model should behave. My interest in this goes beyond common decency. EVERYONE should be nice ALWAYS. That is my personal belief, but a model behaving badly is not only a reflection on the model but it is a reflection on the agency that dispensed them as well.
If I send out a model who shows up late, without the correct outfits or make up if it was required, snapping their gum and yapping on their cell phone, you can bet this agent will get a call. You can also bet your blue jeans that the talent will be getting an unpleasant phone call from me.
Any client that has ever had talent like this foisted upon them may not remember that model's name; but you can bet your Manolos they would remember the AGENT'S name.
An agent is only as credible and reputable as the last model I sent out to a given client.

Fortunately I am VERY clear to all new talent what I expect from them, and "diva" attitude is on the list of unacceptable behavior.
NO ONE is so good looking that they can work in this business (especially in a small town) and have a bad attitude. I can't think of one of my clients that would put up with one of the notorious "bad girls" of the modeling biz, just because they are great looking. Not one.
The bottom line is that being nice is the first step to success in so many things and modeling is no exception. I have had the good fortune to work with some of the most professional models. Some of them get called back for more work by clients BECAUSE they are so wonderful to work with. Fancy that- a model getting called back because they are nice. Who'da thunk?

I have long been saying that one of the biggest problems facing the human race is there is not enough emphasis on knowing how to behave in polite society. My children are taught to open doors for EVERYONE (not just ladies), to be NICE to everyone (not just people they know and who are nice to them) and to stand up and give their seat to anyone who they see standing. My children have given me a gray hair or two over the years but there is no prouder moment that when this mom sees her son go up to a stranger and offer them his seat in a doctor's office. There are no words....

So, where are you going with this Ann Marie? Well, I will tell you: whether you are a model, a mogul, a marine or a maid, it pays to be nice. If my agent had ever called me and said: "I have a client that wants you to come back because they said you were great to work with" I would be happier than if they said I had great bone structure or nice legs. How about this for a bonus: Being nice doesn't require carb counting or a single sit up (cue the Halleluiah chorus).


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