Monday, March 19, 2012

More on Tattoos...

So, I hate to hammer my point into the ground but one of my beautiful models just lost out on an amazing job because of a tattoo she has on her back. She and I discussed this and she is fine with me making this a teachable moment for people who may want to model.
When a client is trying to select from several different models, all of whom are gorgeous but one of them has body ink (which must be covered for the ad) this definitely puts that model at a disadvantage.
We all make choices like this every day as we make decisions and "purchases". When you grocery shop, do you pick up the can that has a slightly torn label? The contents are no different than the one next to it; yet we all gravitate towards our version of perfection. Why? Because we can. Because it is our money and we can do with it as we wish.
When it is advertising money and a client has to pay extra for someone to artfully cover tattoos then they can politely decline to do so. Maybe they won't, but often they do. Sadly in the case of my earnest, lovely model whom I adore (and for the record DOES regret her tat because she got it at age 17 or 18 and wishes she hadn't) she didn't get this REALLY cool national gig. Rats.
I have made not secret of the fact that tattoos are not for me. Mostly because I just can't make up my mind...and stick with it. (fortunately I still like my kids names!) The greater issue is at what age DOES/SHOULD one make this decision. In all seriousness I may be able to now, but I still don't trust myself. I have been in my new house for 4.5 months and have already changed lampshades and ottomans. Nothing is safe-I can't be trusted.

Of course much of this is tongue in cheek except for the fact that tattoos in the "modeling" work place really are considered out of place...I don't make the news, I just report it.:0

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