Friday, December 17, 2010

How to properly submit to an agency.

Okay- I am ready to throw myself out the window and into a snow bank. I will try not to make this post sound like a rant but it will be difficult. LOL.
I have just opened my umpteenth ill prepared, unprofessional submission and I am a woman on the edge. This post has nothing to do with how the model looks. It has nothing to do with whether they have professional photos taken. It has to do with how people present themselves and how they FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
Thirty [gulp] years ago when I was starting out in this business and I was looking for an agent I vividly remember typing out a carefully and professionally worded letter explaining who I was and what I wanted to do. I also attached some carefully chosen photos and attached them. There was no wireless anything (I am not sure there were cordless phones). I cared about how I was perceived and the impression I made. None of this matters. Being profession surely has not gone out of fashion. If it has who do I complain to?
When submitting to an agency (especially this one) PLEASE remember that the person on the receiving end of your submission is a professional. They don't want to read a letter that where you have neglected to employ a single capital letter. (there is really no trick to it- just a little old shift button- no need to bother Pat Sajak)
If I had a nickle for every submission where the photos were indecent, colored "Andy Warhol style (really??), duck face puckered (I can't get myself started on this), stats were missing, contact info is missing, the photos were blurry, and on and on. All of the requirements to submit are listed on my web site (and most agencies as well). So even if this stuff is not obvious you CAN find it on most agencies sites.
So to recap- if you want to join an agency don't send a submission like this:

hey i am a inspiring model her are my pics call me
my name is john what do i need to do to model for ur company
i snet my info in last week and i didn't get no response

ALSO Do not send me a photo that you took with your Iphone with you making funny faces with no other info. If you don't take this seriously, how do you expect anyone else to do so?

The proper way to submit is to send via email if you can:
A clear and current, smiling head shot and body shot. Include all of your stats (hgt, wt and measurements- it does not behoove you to lie about this) and don't' forget AGE and D.O.B. I have had people send me photos with no age attached and I have thought to myself; "Wow, that is either a really great looking 40 year old or a really unfortunate looking 25 year old." We need to know how old you are! :-)
Include all contact info as well. I also have all of this listed on my web site:
So that is what I have today. If you want to be looked at as a professional then please present yourself as one.

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