Thursday, August 03, 2006

You're 45 years old, 5'5 and a size 8-You're Model Perfect!

So what makes a perfect model in a little city? Quite possibly-YOU!
My most popular model right now is actually an attractive woman who is 47 years old, 5'6" and a healthy size 8. Why does her look work here? Because where we are (and quite possibly where you are as well) our clientele wants someone who can look like a mom, doctor, lawyer, retail customer, patient, waitress etc. Tommy Hilfiger is not trucking through town looking for models; neither is Cover Girl, Victoria's Secret or Pampers (that last one is fodder for another post altogether :-)
Frankly my 5'10" size 3 girls don't get anywhere close to the amount of jobs that my 47 year old woman does. If your town is not a "high fashion" town but is home base to a lot of companies that market to an older demographic, then you may be just what they are looking for.
We are constantly looking for people over 30, different ethnicities and seniors. Let me put it to you this way- If you were the owner of an upscale furniture store and you needed to cast a salesperson and a customer for your next newspaper ad- who would you cast? What if you owned a medical supply company? A nursing home? An autobody repair shop? You get the idea.

To figure out if your look can work in your area, you have to ask yourself what kind of businesses are headquartered in your area? The headquartered part is the key. Most advertising is done out of the company's headquarters (the exception being very large corporations (auto makers etc) who would tend to reach out to ad agencies is big cities) The company hires a local ad agency who hires local photographers who hire local models. Simple right? So here is a shout out to all of you regular guys and can be a BIG model fish in a little city pond if you feel like it!

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ljbphoto said...

I'm so happy you are running with this whole "blog" thing! Look forward to every one of your insights!

Anonymous said...

"Our clientele wants someone who can look like a mom (dad), doctor, lawyer, retail customer, patient," This is right, look at ads in your area, look at the people in them, beware of your look and how it fits into the scheme. Q: Is this what I am offering, and do clients want this type of look. A:YES Jack O